Gyrfalcon Ranch, LLC

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Gyrfalcons for American Falconers

A limited number of pure Gyrfalcons will be available in 2020.  All young are produced from mated pairs, with full natural incubation, hatching and rearing. Breeding stock has been selected from America’s top bloodlines.  Color of young birds will be white, silver or grey.  Offered only for domestic sales within the USA.

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Breeding facility is in the western Wyoming high country at an elevation of over 7,200 feet, which enjoys cool summers and cold winters with low humidity year-round.  The mosquito-borne diseases of West Nile Virus and Avian Malaria do not occur at this altitude.


About Me

MY NAME IS John Dahlke

Falconry has been the defining influence of my life. Starting with a variety of wild pets, at age twelve I obtained my first red-tailed hawk. Cooper’s hawks soon followed. University days in Missoula, Montana provided the opportunity and privilege to work for Dr. John Craighead, managing his golden eagle breeding effort. This exposure to a combination of breeding, falconry and research led me to a career as a wildlife biologist primarily focused on greater sage-grouse and raptors. Hawking sage-grouse with gyrfalcons has been my falconry focus for the last 25 years.